What kind of place is this? The Business Culture

Business cultures

Things other than salary determine whether you are going to be happy at your job.  You need to feel valued, you need to like the people you are working with and you need to fit into the corporate culture.  Societies have cultures which define the way people interact with each other and what constitutes acceptable behavior and so do companies. (I'm going to use 'corporate', 'business' and 'organizational' culture interchangeably, but obviously not all organizations are corporations.)  Picking the right place to work is a lot like picking a college - you'll want a company that is conservative if you are conservative, and wild and crazy if you are a freak.  I know it's hard in this job market to think that you can be choosy, but if you don't fit in with the corporate culture, you'll probably be miserable and do a lousy job and get fired anyway.  So take some time to understand different corporate cultures and during your interviews, ask about the culture.

What work culture would be a good fit for you?  Take this quick assessment to find out.
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