Conflict Resolution Style Assessment

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The Excel spreadsheet below is the quickest and easiest conflict resolution styles assessment you'll find.

Learn about the five different conflict resolution styles at 'Handling Conflict'.

Below are two short but revealing versions of the Conflict Resolution Style worksheet to help you identify the strategies that you prefer to use when conflict with another person arises. One is an MS Word file that you can print and manually tag the answers. The other is an MS Excel spreadsheet to download which will automatically tally the results for you. Download one or the other and follow the instructions. It will only take you about 10 mins to do the survey and you'll understand what styles you use most often. If you are taking the survey as part of a workshop, bring the results with you. If you are taking the survey on your own, go to Handling Conflict to interpret the results.

The files below will tell you what strategies you use to handle conflict.  I also have an online assessment that will tell you how well you deal with difficult people and situations.

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