Deal with it

So when you get out of work, you can let your emotions out.  Do what makes you feel better.  Talk to your friends, especially if they've been through something similar.  You can tell them how dumb your boss is and how stupid the company is, but remember what I said about burning bridges.  Your support network is going to be your biggest help here.

Unfortunately, getting fired is not an unlikely occurrence anymore and we've seen normally solid companies like GM, Chrysler, and Citibank lay off tens of thousands of employees.  You'll have to pick yourself up and push ahead.

Now what?  You got that job and you can find another.  Start back with the first dougsguide Finding Your First Job.  You have an advantage now if you've been following my advice.  You have a network of work friends, you have a resume and you have real work experience.  If you got fired in a layoff you may even have job hunting support and be able to get a reference from your boss.  Polish up your resume, rehearse your interviewing skills, and work your network.  You can do it.  Good luck!

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