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Tue, 07/26/2016 - 13:53 -- doug_01
New York Times

My letter to the Workologist was published in the 7/24/2016 Sunday New York Times (it's the second comment). Here's an excerpt: 

Quality over Quantity in a Job Hunt

Your recent advice to a reader who asked about "resume optimization" was spot on, but I suspect there is a deeper problem.  Applying online to job postings is a terribly inefficient way to look for a job. I have read that 70% of job openings are filled by referrals, or by candidates already known to the company - and I suspect the number may be higher. I publish guides and run workshops on career matters, and I always stress the importance of networking as the best strategy for finding work.  In fact, I ask job seekers to make me a promise: For every three hours you spend searching and applying online, spend seven hours networking.  [Read more and see The Workologist's reply]

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