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Admit it - you've had it pretty good. Sleeping until noon for a 1pm class, taking summers off, and you could do a half-assed job on a paper and take the C. That's going to change.





"But I've had internships", you say. Sure, that's been a taste of life in the business world, but it was for a limited amount of time and the consequences of screwing up weren't huge. Now it's for real. You need to learn a whole new set of skills and a new vocabulary. You have to learn to work with other people, some of whom are assholes. And no doubt, you haven't been 'managed'.  Now you'll have a boss. You'll have projects or tasks. You'll have to sit in meetings so boring your ears will bleed. You'll have to defend your accomplishments at a performance evaluation, and you'll have to argue for salary and promotion.




I can help. Listen to your me. I went to school forever and got a PhD in Biology from Harvard. I've been a founder or early executive in four startups. I was a Partner at Price Waterhouse. I've seen IPOs, downsizings and bankruptcies - sometimes all at the same company! I've had clients among the biggest pharma, tech and financial institutions in the world. I have seen it all.


I won't teach you how to write a resume or dress for an interview. There are other sites out there for that. I'm going to tell you the stuff that takes years to learn - and some people never catch on. How business really works, what's important and what's not. How working at a startup is different from working at a big company. How to deal with your boss and with lazy or annoying co-workers.  There are so many resources to help people learn how to become a boss or manager - this site will help you learn how to be an employee.


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