The Buck Starts Here

Negotiating Job Offers and Salary

Getting a job offer is usually the start of a negotiation process - and one that most people aren't comfortable with.  Whether you're pursuing an academic or nonacademic job, you'll need to know what components of the job offer can and can't be negotiated, and how to make your case in a non-threatening and constructive way. This workshop examines strategies and tactics for negotiating your first salary, explains how to prepare for performance evaluations, and introduces basic skills that make negotiations less stressful and more effective.


Feedback from the workshop:

"I've been to negotiating workshops before, but I felt that Doug had a lot more useful/practical advice based upon his experiences in the workforce."

"Practical tips about not only negotiating offers but also preparing for performance reviews, which is something I hadn't thought about much going in to the workshop."

"Real concrete answers to questions and great advice - really specific guidelines, just laying out, do this, don't do this."

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Download a free copy of the workshop slides from the Workshop PDFs catalog.