Who needs dougsguides?

You do, if you're a recent or impending graduate. Whether you are a science, engineering or liberal arts major, you'll need a plan for getting the skills, recommendations, and contacts necessary to get that first job.

Finishing graduate school? Then you really need the guides. You need information on how to switch from an academic to a business mindset and understand the kinds of different business cultures you'll encounter out there at startups, corporations and partnerships.

Done a post-doc? You have great technical skills but you're headed for your first real job. You may be a success in the academic environment but you're going to have to develop some new habits before you get into that job.

Been working for a couple of years? I'll bet you still could use some help figuring out how to work with crazy people and a demanding boss. And it never hurts to get help on how to ask for a raise or promotion.

Yeah, it's tough to get and keep a job these days. And it's not going to get easier any time soon. Maybe this information will give you some insight that will help you out.

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