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Making the Transition from College to the Real World

Workshops, eBooks, and links to help you survive and thrive in your first job.

Congratulations on leaving or getting ready to leave college, grad school, or your post-doc. You've learned a lot, had fun and made friends. Now you're looking for a job and the reality is sinking in... College hasn't fully prepared you for the Real World. Relax, and welcome to dougsguides: a set of ebooks, workshops, and links to help you find a great job with great people.

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Empty lab coat draped over a chairAbout four years into graduate school I very nervously told my advisor I wouldn't be looking for an academic job. In those days (the late '70's), it was a very rare student who didn't do a post-doc....
Student holding 'hire me' signThere are free career planning and job hunting resources available in your college career development office - have you consulted them? Last week I attended the Graduate Career Consortium (GCC) 20...
Dollar billsCongratulations on getting that job offer!  But what if you aren't happy with it? When you are coming to a new organization without a lot of business background, you...
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So the hardest and most immediate challenge of getting fired is controlling your emotions.  You're going to feel anger, fear, panic, maybe embarrassment over and over.  I can't tell you not to have those emotions.  Everyone does.  But you can't act on them.  All you can do is say "I'm sorry it didn't work out."  More tips: Don't ask for your job back - once the...
(This is Part Two of 50 Tough Interview Questions.  Use the navigation links below to read the other parts.)   ...
If the offer and the benefits are below your expectations, it's ok to ask 'where does this offer fit in with other people in this position with my skills at the company?'.  You're smart and skilled so you should be in the top 25%.  If not, ask why.

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