Some online resources

Here's a list of useful online resources for your job search, roughly in the order you can use them:

  • LinkedIn - Start here and set up an account.  Import your email contacts and set up links.  Also, search for groups in industries or jobs that interest you.  LinkedIn's biggest value is in finding friends of friends.  If you don't have any contacts at Genetech, LinkedIn will tell you whether any friends of friends have contacts there (2nd degree), and friends of friends of friends (3rd degree) and so on.  You can then initiate a contact through the friend chain.  One caveat: I've found that 3rd degree contacts are about as far as you can go to get a useful contact.
  • - You can manage your job search here.  Helps you to remember what jobs you have applied for at what companies.
  • - A really good job aggregator sorted by job type and location.  If you find a job that looks interesting here, be sure to use LinkedIn to see whether you have any 1st-3rd degree contacts at the target. 
  • - Found a job that looks interesting - or have you got an offer already?  Really useful information about employers written by the employees.  Find out what it is really like to work there.  Also has aggregated salary information so you can see how the offer they are making you compares inside the company and within the industry. 
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