Videos, Workshops and Presentations

Some colleges and companies have asked me to develop interactive presentations and workshops based on the advice on these web pages.  For colleges like UC-Berkeley, Stanford, UCSF, Claremont Graduate College, NYU and Michigan, I have addressed graduating seniors, graduate students and post-docs who will shortly be starting their first jobs.  For companies, I can talk to your incoming employees during induction or orientation programs (you do have one, don't you?), or as part of professional development for existing staff.

The standard length of the workshops is 90 min, including Q&A, but I can customize a half-day or longer program if you like.  Some homogenity in the audience is helpful.  For colleges, a good workshop would target underclassmen or upperclassmen or grad students and postdocs (although I have successfully presented to a mixture of undergraduates ranging from freshmen to seniors).   For companies, it's better to build a workshop for either new hires or experienced hires and avoid mixing.  If you have a special audience concern, then let's talk.

The workshops are highly interactive, and they work well in group sizes from 10-200+.

Here are some of the dougsguides presentations and workshops I've given:

Job Hunting and Career Development

Business Skills

Conflict Resolution

If you are interested in a workshop for your organization, please contact me.

If you are introducing me as a speaker at an event, here's a start.

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